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      Nanbang Sewing Machine Co.,Ltd. Which was set up in 1992 is one of the largest sewing machine enterprises.We depend on the aim of development on science and technology, living on quality and carry on complete quality management. In order to the products with the excellent quality. We produce all kinds of products approved by customers and noted well by person overseas and at home according to scientific management, strict production art and advanced production equipment.

       Our company are facing to the future and doing our best to develop our sewing machine enterprise. We will be based on our country and face to the world. With the east wind of WTO. Nanbang persons will Warmly welcome our friends abroad and at home and be happy to cooperate with them sincerely to set a new section of sewing machines.

Our goal
Build China's leading intelligent sewing machine industry!

    Next decade, the global economy to see China;
    Next decade, China Sewing see Technology;
    Next decade, the sewing technology watch Nanbang。
    Nanbang Sewing - never see the future。
Nanbang specializes in producing all kinds of sewing machine, sewing machine
brand professional build ying!